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San Antonio music has a new home at KPSA, an online radio station and app

KPSA, a new app and website devoted to San Antonio music, is a one-stop shop for acts such as Doug Sahm, Buttercup and Girl in a Coma.

The seed for the site was planted more than 20 years ago.

Back then, Johnny Carrera worked in IT for the Northside Independent School District. One summer morning when no students were around, he was listening to “The Lisle and Hahn Show” on KISS-FM while installing computers and networking equipment at O’Connor High School.

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This online radio station and app are a true labor of love, a tribute to the city's musical luminaries, past and present. Through KPSA, the essence of San Antonio's sonic tapestry is encapsulated and made accessible to a global audience. And for promotion on streaming platforms such as Spotify, you can buy organic Spotify promotion:

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