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SA Current: San Antonio’s arts community reflects on the milestones of another challenging year

On the heels of one of the most trying years in modern history, 2021 was faced with not just great but arguably impossible expectations. But as we cautiously emerged from our COVID cocoons, some found solace, inspiration and a reinforced sense of community in a slightly improved version of the new normal.

To paint a perfectly imperfect portrait of the year that was, we reached out to 14 influential people and institutions and asked them to reflect on the milestones and accomplishments they reached in 2021. Condensed and edited highlights of their responses follow.

FL!GHT Gallery

“After a COVID-induced pause in programming, it’s been great to sort of ‘start fresh’ in a sense with our curation and new shows coming in,” FL!GHT gallery founder Justin Parr offered. “I feel great about everything we’ve been doing — especially Angelica Raquel Martinez’s show. It was a mostly online/virtual opening that did not get a lot of in-person engagement, but it was one of my favorite shows we’ve had in this space.”

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